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Cat news

Thanks for all the kind words and suggestions... Anyway, I decided to separate them more, so I fixed up a temporary litter box for the new cat, and moved Xena (my first cat -- this is getting confusing) into the bedroom. She was none too pleased, but I used to close her out of the bedroom when I wasn't home, and she didn't like that either, and she is always trying to get into the closet, because I keep that door closed too. She just doesn't like any rooms in her domain to be inaccessible to her. I don't know what she thinks I'm keeping in the closet -- all the really cool toys and good food? Every time I open the closet door she runs in there and starts sniffing around suspiciously.

Anyway, once I separated the cats I could feel the tension go out of the room. The older cat is much more relaxed. (Of course, just now my cat ran out of the bedroom when I opened the door and they did the street cat face off. But this is important: first they just sort of looked at each other and exchanged ambiguous meows, so it wasn't the immediate glaring and growling this time. Progress!)

I'm sure most of my readers who prefer dogs or are otherwise indifferent to this furry domestic drama have collapsed in comas across their keyboards so I'll finish up here. Work was incredibly hectic, as if everyone finally got back from all their vacations and realized they had jobs and had to catch up with everything today! right now! so I am ready to collapse myself. Therefore I have nothing profound or witty to say about anything -- in fact, I barely have the ability to put two words together that make sense. This started about 3pm: by the end of the workday I was answering my boss with "huh?" and telling clients that I couldn't remember how to use the software I'm supposed to help them with either.

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Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

You should try to do these cat posts in an Aussie accent, saying "Crikey!" now and then. Wear khaki shorts and shirt, too. Call it an homage. Perhaps Tim Blair can be your dialect coach.

I'd watch them on YouTube.

You don't want to see me in khaki shorts. Believe me.

prairiecat [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Fake aussie accent...hmm...nah, wouldn't matter to me, I'd pay attention even without it. I know I talk about my cats, too. The queen is sleeping on the printer as we speak, she must be cold. Her Hawai'ian blood is thinner than most, I guess.

It ain't coma-inducing to me, but I'm only one middle-aged married Libertarian cat-lady.

Rita [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Not boring to me either. I'd like to hear if you find a solution that might work on our two. They fight every single day, usually more than once. Nothing I've tried over the last 18 mos. has worked, not even spraying them both with water when they fight.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

My kid brother had a pair of gerbils that every once in a while, for reasons known only to them, would get into a fierce squalling spat.

Okay, it doesn't sound too bad. Maybe even funny. An irate gerbil is risible, two is hilarious. But it happened once in my presence and my brother and mother stood transfixed, dithering, frantic. I picked up the cage, shook it, and yelled "Knock it off!!!"

The gerbils immediately scrambled into opposite corners, quivering in terror. I set the cage down and remarked "I bet they think that was God."

Now you are saying to yourself "Why yes, what an elegant solution!" but I have to observe that cats are not gerbils, nor do they acknowledge any gods above themselves. So it probably wouldn't work. And while picking up and shaking your apartment would be difficult, getting both cats into a cage would be impossible.

Steve Skubinna [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Oh, and I guess the shorts wouldn't have to be khaki. If you really object.

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