Testing Opera

For no reason I'm putting a post in here. I'm currently using Opera because something broke my Firefox. Boo! :ohreally:

I don't know why, but

...my Bloo site calms and relaxes me. It's like my private secret diary or something. Not that I've written anything profound or interesting here yet, and may never, but it's somehow comforting just to come here and type something.

I know. I'm weird. :shrug:

My operating system is gaslighting me

I could swear that when I'm using my laptop, which runs Ubuntu, every once in a while the size and font face that Firefox uses changes. It wasn't this tiny before I entered the last post.

Verizon -- I can't hear you now

Where I currently live the internet access is through Verizon dsl. For weeks now it has been intermittently going out for no reason. Woes.

Well that sucked

I'm too embarrassed to write this on my regular site so I'll write it here. :shrug:

I suppose I should be thankful if the overflowing tub didn't leak into the apartment downstairs. I am definitely thankful that the water didn't do anything more than get a few cardboard box corners wet. If any of the books had been damaged... ::shudder::

Well, let that be a lesson to me. Never count on the tub filling up slowly when you've decided to multitask. It will be that one time it fills up lickety-split. And now I am smelly (I'm afraid of the tub now) and I didn't enjoy my dinner (which came out fine, but I didn't enjoy it, and in fact was too afraid of my own ineptitude to take it into another room to eat, so I ate in the kitchen), and I'm tired. And smelly. And I have gas.

But at least the towels are clean.


Posting from the laptop

I fixed my laptop! It turned out all I had to do was reinstall the operating system. Unfortunately I didn't have a copy of Ubuntu. So I downloaded it from the site, but I couldn't find my blank cds to make an image. Then I found the blank cds. But in the meantime Ubuntu was offering free cds of its upcoming new version, so I ordered it. I didn't expect the cd to come for another few weeks, but I just got it today. So I turned on the laptop, put the cd in -- and it installed!

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Bloo is fun

You know, the more I use this program, the more charming I find it. I like the simplicity of the setup -- Wordpress is great, but the bells and whistles in the Dashboard sure do load down my computer. Bloo even has a rather easy extra "community" blog setup where you can make another blog under your main one. If I hadn't already invested so much in setting up Wordpress, I'd switch to this for Spleenville. Or maybe I'm just being a grump because I have a slow computer. Hmm... :shrug:

Anyway, I'll be testing out the community blog thing soon, to see how that will work. :wink:

Okay, what's next?

Well, now that I've figured out why the style sheet wasn't staying (I had the theme selector snap-on activated and I didn't know it) I can get back to testing this software. I've shut off the rich text editor -- I don't really need it. Some things that would be nice (some I've sent into the Bloo feedback area):

  • An option to shut off the comments pop-up and just have comments open on the single post page
  • A pagination button for single posts. Maybe one exists -- I'll have to look it up.

More as I think of them.

Just added a contact form to the sidebar by activating it and editing the sidebar overlay. It was easy as 1,2,3. Nice. :rotfl:


I will keep on trying to load the Old Type theme until it stays there!

Not perfect

Well heck, what happened to the "Old Style" theme with the typewriter and everything? Frown.

Verdict so far

Well, it's nice and simple. Obviously they've got a ways to go, but it does the basic stuff.

test the rich text editor

Test the rich text editor:

  • here's a list entry
  • and another
  • and another
Okay, no image upload, I'd have to upload it elsewhere and then remember the url.
Also, smilies don't work (though if I know the code I could add them, maybe). :shrug:

Test the preformatted junk.

Test superscript1
Test subscript2
Bold and italic

A test post

I've got a new blog installed yes I do...

And I'm so bloo...

Okay, that's corny. They must hear that joke 959 times per day.

Time to check settings.

Out of the Bloo, a Blog

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