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1. Bloo Developer - 11/22/2011 2:42 pm EST
commenting on Splammed

Some more spamicide coming in the next version - should be soon.

Spammers. We hates them, we hates them forevah!

2. Andrea Harris - 07/17/2011 9:39 pm EDT

So far so good -- everything seems to be working. :wink:

3. Andrea Harris - 07/17/2011 9:38 pm EDT

OK, testing my comments thing.

4. A - 04/09/2011 4:40 pm EDT


5. Andrea Harris - 02/11/2011 12:30 am EST

Hello there! Yes, I saw where the upgrade is available, I just have to get it an install it to test it out. It's been a hectic couple of months so far... :shrug:

6. Bloo Developer - 02/10/2011 9:17 pm EST

Ha, just saw this comment. The new version is out (has been for a bit) - not too complicated! Added a very simple but usable image uploader and did some other things.

Always nice to motor over to this site. Thanks for the feedback.

7. Bloo Developer - 06/18/2010 1:45 pm EDT
commenting on Upgraded

Yes, that one was done at your suggestion :-)

8. Andrea Harris - 05/17/2010 4:04 pm EDT

OK, that worked.

Ooh, there's a time lag! I forgot. I got this message: "You may only leave a comment once every 20 seconds. Wait a few more seconds and submit the comment again." Kewl.

9. Andrea Harris - 05/17/2010 4:03 pm EDT

Comment link test. Here is a link.

10. Andrea Harris - 02/24/2010 10:32 pm EST
commenting on New name for the blog

Test editor when logged out.

Okay. (Added.)

11. Andrea Harris - 02/24/2010 10:31 pm EST
commenting on New name for the blog

Test the comment thing.

(Added.) Test the edit thing.

12. Andrea Harris - 02/20/2010 5:50 pm EST
commenting on Image test

I love that. I so much prefer spam to be stopped before I ever have to see it. (Though sometimes I miss truly bizarrely amusing spam, like once this spammer emailed me what was basically a poem.) But I'd rather not see it.

13. Bloo Developer - 02/20/2010 1:10 am EST
commenting on Image test

Thanks. It's been interesting to read your stream of consciousness on what you like and don't like. Very helpful.

One thing in the design that was shied away from (is "shied" a word?) was the akismet / spam karma method of catching spam AFTER it's already loaded in the database. Bloo uses some relatively simple but fairly bullet-proof (at least so far, on aome reasonably trafficked blogs) that just stops it from ever hitting the db at all. Much cleaner (imho)

14. Andrea Harris - 02/19/2010 12:37 am EST
commenting on Image test

Hey, that's great. I don't post very many photos, but I do like to do so occasionally. I do enjoy the program. One thing I do like is it seems very secure... so far I haven't had any spam on this install. I get spam on my Wordpress blog all the time, though Akismet takes care to move them into my spam filter... but I haven't even had anything show up in my suspected spam area on my Bloo install.

Oh yes -- I did download the latest version; I'll probably be updating this weekend.

15. Bloo Developer - 02/18/2010 10:50 pm EST
commenting on Image test

Oh, and 1.32 is now out.

16. Bloo Developer - 02/18/2010 10:49 pm EST
commenting on Image test

Image Upload . . . coming in the next version (hopefully in March).

It was by design that it wasn't included originally - the thought was that that would best be left to photobucket/flickr/etc. But it's a pain not to be able to upload your own images.

So, it's tops on the list for the next release.

Thanks for being a tester - much appreciated!

17. Andrea Harris - 02/13/2010 12:12 pm EST
commenting on A new day

Oh good, I'll wait then. I just got Filezilla set up for my ftp stuff.

Oh yes I just LOVE working on my computer. Yeah. :ohreally:

18. Andrea Harris - 02/13/2010 12:11 pm EST
commenting on Testing Opera

I forgot to add -- I hate IE. I only use it at work, because most offices just use whatever comes with Windows. At home I set my Windows computer to use Firefox as the default browser.

19. Andrea Harris - 02/13/2010 12:10 pm EST
commenting on Testing Opera

Yeah, Opera works pretty well, but there are a few quirks. I went ahead and reinstalled my laptop software, so I'm back on Firefox for now.

20. Bloo Developer - 02/12/2010 1:57 pm EST
commenting on Testing Opera

Opera's a great browser - seems a bit more lightweight and snappier than FireFox. But doesn't run all the javascript stuff FireFox does.

I use Opera on my laptop - works well. FireFox Rox too, though.

IE is of the devil.

21. Bloo Developer - 02/12/2010 1:55 pm EST
commenting on A new day

If you wait a few days, Bloo version 1.32 will be out. Mainly some small fixes and performance improvements over 1.30 (which has a lot of new stuff in it)

Kubuntu rocks.

Remember, you like the computer work :-)

22. Andrea Harris - 12/07/2009 10:52 am EST
commenting on Bloo is fun

Actually, Bloo has the option to install a rich text (that is, WYSIWYG) editor for comments, but the smilies don't work with it so I'd have to turn them off. I kind of like the smilies, even this guy:
:puke: I just allowed the formatting buttons instead. It's really all people need, I think -- sometimes those rich text things are a bit of overkill.

23. mike - 12/07/2009 5:22 am EST
commenting on Bloo is fun

WOW an almost WYSIWYG editor for comments:rotfl:

24. Andrea Harris - 10/31/2009 9:53 am EDT
commenting on Determination

Hey, you know what? I deactivated the Theme Selector, and now the Old Type theme shows up properly! Well that explains it. I didn't realize that was on -- I hadn't added a theme selector drop down to the blog.

25. Andrea Harris - 10/31/2009 9:49 am EDT
commenting on Determination

Hi! Thanks for checking in. I like to test out different blogging software, and I came across this program via Lilac Rose's site. I actually do like it so far -- and I really don't miss the image adding extras that other software has; I do like to add images easily to my own site, but for strict writing they aren't necessary, and everyone as you said uses Flickr or something (I use Flickr and Photobucket).

Yeah, I'm still having trouble having the Old Type theme show on my end. (Right now I'm seeing the Monochrome theme.) It must be a cookies thing -- I've never been clear on what cookies should be on. I have accept third party cookies enabled -- I'm using Firefox v. 3.whatever, the latest update for Windows -- so I don't know what the problem could be. I might try clearing my cache.

I do like the rich text editor but it's not necessary either, the html buttons work just fine. I do like the spam and troll controls -- I've had trouble with those in the past and usually it's a more elaborate route to banning them.

I'll hop on over to the feedback area when I've gone through the program a bit more.

26. Bill at Bloo - 10/30/2009 11:33 pm EDT
commenting on Determination

Ah - me again.

Yes, smiley's barf when the rich text editor is enabled. And the quicktags don't work w RTF either.

. . . that's one of those one's that's been on the list for awhile too . . . d'oh.

In my own blogging, I've found the Rich Text editor to be nice, for awhile. But it needs to be updated or better integrated in to Bloo.

Ok, will quit stalking your site now :-)

27. Bill at Bloo - 10/30/2009 11:27 pm EDT
commenting on Determination

Hmmm. Interested in knowing if it's "sticking" for you at this point? I'm seeing OldType on this end. The "theme not staying" problem has been seen before, but it seems like it was either related to a problem with cookies, or with the browser (but only older version of IE).

Smilies should work with the Smlies SnapOn enabled. So please let me know if that's not working for you. It uses Javascript - would be interested to know what browser you're using.

The image upload . . . ahhhh. That was a design decision that's, in retrospect, maybe not the best. Somewhere in the list of future features that one is hiding. The idea was that upload directories tend to be hacker magnets, and everyone uses flickr, etc, anyway. But . . . I think that may not have been the best call. Interested in your thoughts.

Can you see I'm fishing for feedback? :-) - Just a lone Bloo developer who stumbled upon the site. Even if you end up going away from Bloo after testing it, would be very interested in any suggestions, etc.

The summer was a bit slower for development than hoped. But version 1.30 is coming soon. Will have some decent features in it, and a much better way of sharing Bloo news with everyone using it.

Anyway, if you get a chance and want to help take part in improving this thing by sharing your experiences, please head over to the Bloo feedback page, here.

Many Thanks! :-)

28. Andrea - 10/19/2009 2:55 pm EDT
commenting on Not perfect

Well okay, after several tries, now the Old Type theme works. But there must be some sort of bug. But the theme is cute -- maybe I can port it to something else. (mwahah!)

29. Andrea - 10/17/2009 9:02 pm EDT

Ah hah! Smilie code does not work under rich text editor. And you can't toggle it on and off?

30. Andrea - 10/17/2009 8:55 pm EDT
commenting on A test post

test main page comments. :shrug:

31. Andrea - 10/17/2009 8:55 pm EDT
commenting on A test post

Sigh. I do not like popup comment boxes.

32. Andrea - 10/17/2009 8:53 pm EDT
commenting on A test post

No, the more tag does not work for comments.

33. Andrea - 10/17/2009 8:52 pm EDT
commenting on A test post

OK test :lol:

Ah, I see, activating the rich text editor blocked the smilies. Well it all depends on what you want.

Does the more tag work?

Let's test it out.

34. Andrea - 10/17/2009 8:49 pm EDT
commenting on A test post

Testing the comments.