A picture or a thousand words

I shall now test the newfangled image uploader thingie.

Whoops, need to set the file permissions. Oopsie!

[A few minutes later] Okay, I was supposed to create a file called "my-images." And then make it writable. Ewps. Anyway, I did that. Let's test.

Okay, let's save and see...


So far so good

Ye Upgrayde seems to have work'd.

No, I have no Idea why I am writing as if I were an Eighteenth Century Scholar. :shrug:

Updates and suggestions taken

Well whaddaya know! Someone in the Bloo Developer team must have read my post here about how I altered the Old Type theme a little to make links in posts underlined so they would stand out: they've gone and upgraded the theme on their site. :-)

In other news, I'm finally going to get around to upgrading to version 1.34. Really. Like, right now. And... I'm thinking still about making some sort of regular-usage site out of this. I mean, I love Wordpress, but Bloo is so simple to use, like the simple blogging programs of eld... Sigh. And I like this Old Type theme.

Anyway, off to upgrade. Hope nothing breaks, like I just broke my Wordpress test site (not my regular blog, thank God, just another site where I had it installed to test themes and things).