Comment editing

I decided to allow guest commenters (i.e., non-members of the site) to edit their own comments. I set the editing time at five minutes -- well, that was the default so I left it in. I tested it when logged in and when logged out and it seemed to work fine, but what might be a useful addition is some sort of timer, like the Wordpress comment editing plugin I have over at my Wordpress blog.

New name for the blog

Okay, not that exciting -- I just streamlined the blog title a little. On my tiny display it was overlapping the pretty typewriter picture. We can't have that.

Embedded video test

I wonders... can I embed a Youtube video?


Site upgraded

OK, I've upgraded to version 1.32. So far everything seems to be working fine. :rotfl:

Image test

This is a test of the image link capabilities:

Lucille Ball typing

Okay, just the basic image tag is added. You would have to know the url of what you are uploading -- there isn't any sort of program that you can use to upload images. That's okay for a basic text-only blog. :shrug:

Argh typing without a working index finger bites. :ohreally:

A new day

Okay, I've completely reinstalled Ubuntu on the laptop, switched to the KDE version (Kubuntu), and am back on Firefox, which seems to be working okay for now. Goals: to get Google Chrome for Linux working someday. Also to update the Bloo install -- they updated it recently. Sigh. Is computer work ever done? :shrug: