I will keep on trying to load the Old Type theme until it stays there!

Not perfect

Well heck, what happened to the "Old Style" theme with the typewriter and everything? Frown.

Verdict so far

Well, it's nice and simple. Obviously they've got a ways to go, but it does the basic stuff.

test the rich text editor

Test the rich text editor:

  • here's a list entry
  • and another
  • and another
Okay, no image upload, I'd have to upload it elsewhere and then remember the url.
Also, smilies don't work (though if I know the code I could add them, maybe). :shrug:

Test the preformatted junk.

Test superscript1
Test subscript2
Bold and italic

A test post

I've got a new blog installed yes I do...

And I'm so bloo...

Okay, that's corny. They must hear that joke 959 times per day.

Time to check settings.

Out of the Bloo, a Blog

This is the first post. Feel free to edit it or delete it.