A new day

Okay, I've completely reinstalled Ubuntu on the laptop, switched to the KDE version (Kubuntu), and am back on Firefox, which seems to be working okay for now. Goals: to get Google Chrome for Linux working someday. Also to update the Bloo install -- they updated it recently. Sigh. Is computer work ever done? :shrug:


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Comments on "A new day":
1. Bloo Developer - 02/12/2010 1:55 pm EST

If you wait a few days, Bloo version 1.32 will be out. Mainly some small fixes and performance improvements over 1.30 (which has a lot of new stuff in it)

Kubuntu rocks.

Remember, you like the computer work :-)

2. Andrea Harris - 02/13/2010 12:12 pm EST

Oh good, I'll wait then. I just got Filezilla set up for my ftp stuff.

Oh yes I just LOVE working on my computer. Yeah. :ohreally:

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