Testing Opera

For no reason I'm putting a post in here. I'm currently using Opera because something broke my Firefox. Boo! :ohreally:


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Comments on "Testing Opera":
1. Bloo Developer - 02/12/2010 1:57 pm EST

Opera's a great browser - seems a bit more lightweight and snappier than FireFox. But doesn't run all the javascript stuff FireFox does.

I use Opera on my laptop - works well. FireFox Rox too, though.

IE is of the devil.

2. Andrea Harris - 02/13/2010 12:10 pm EST

Yeah, Opera works pretty well, but there are a few quirks. I went ahead and reinstalled my laptop software, so I'm back on Firefox for now.

3. Andrea Harris - 02/13/2010 12:11 pm EST

I forgot to add -- I hate IE. I only use it at work, because most offices just use whatever comes with Windows. At home I set my Windows computer to use Firefox as the default browser.

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