Two Years

Or so! I see spammers trying to claim I don't have this domain any more. Haha on them! :rotfl::lol:

Why do I still have this website

Well, I've got a set of smilies that haven't made it over to the emoji package, even in unanimated form. (I haven't seen any animated emojis come to think of it.) Anyway, it's these: :puke: :rotfl: :lol: :shrug: :ohreally:

Still working?

It seems to still be working, even though the creators of this program seem to have abandoned it. :shrug::rotfl:

I still like this silly, outdated program

It's simple, easy to use, and kind of retro. I might set it up elsewhere... maybe.:shrug:


Hey, why is this website getting spam? It's not like I ever use it. Stupid spammers. :shrug:

So small...

Heh, now that I have a new computer capable of using all of my 20" HD monitor's real estate, I have to get used to web pages with all this blank space to either side. Also, tineh fonts are tineh. Sure, I know that I can increase the screen resolution to make everything larger - or is that decrease? I get mixed up -- but this is the "recommended" setting supposedly, and I kind of like the tiny fonts. :shrug:

Test post of the day

Just checking. I've been fooling around with the .htaccess file and want to make sure nothing is broken here.

A picture or a thousand words

I shall now test the newfangled image uploader thingie.

Whoops, need to set the file permissions. Oopsie!

[A few minutes later] Okay, I was supposed to create a file called "my-images." And then make it writable. Ewps. Anyway, I did that. Let's test.

Okay, let's save and see...


So far so good

Ye Upgrayde seems to have work'd.

No, I have no Idea why I am writing as if I were an Eighteenth Century Scholar. :shrug:

Updates and suggestions taken

Well whaddaya know! Someone in the Bloo Developer team must have read my post here about how I altered the Old Type theme a little to make links in posts underlined so they would stand out: they've gone and upgraded the theme on their site. :-)

In other news, I'm finally going to get around to upgrading to version 1.34. Really. Like, right now. And... I'm thinking still about making some sort of regular-usage site out of this. I mean, I love Wordpress, but Bloo is so simple to use, like the simple blogging programs of eld... Sigh. And I like this Old Type theme.

Anyway, off to upgrade. Hope nothing breaks, like I just broke my Wordpress test site (not my regular blog, thank God, just another site where I had it installed to test themes and things).

Well it's been a long time

I really do like the simplicity of this program. They're working on a new version -- I hope they don't upgrade it into the stratosphere. Simple is best, sometimes.

Here's a lol, just for lolz: :lol:

Testing the CSS.extension

Okay, now links in posts will be underlined. I added a CSS.extension to the overlay for the Old Type theme that I liked, except for the fact that links were the same color and font as the rest of the posting text and thus there was no way to differentiate them until your cursor was over them. I just applied the changes to the "p" tag so the sidebar and header wouldn't be effected.


Yays, I upgraded the blog software, and now they have an option for in-page comments. I had sent in a suggestion that they provide this alternative to the pop-up style, so I'll just pat myself on the back a little. :-)

Testing the Community blogs snap-on

Okay, after much wandering about I think I've figured out how to create extra "community" blogs. The setup is a bit wonky, but it's pretty easy. Here's the first effort. I might delete that blog, or just make another. Onward!

Update: I keep forgetting to modify this style sheet (the Old Type one) so that links are underlined or something. Right now you don't know it's a link until you hover over it.

Also: I'll add links to the sidebar to the new community blogs right now.

Comment editing

I decided to allow guest commenters (i.e., non-members of the site) to edit their own comments. I set the editing time at five minutes -- well, that was the default so I left it in. I tested it when logged in and when logged out and it seemed to work fine, but what might be a useful addition is some sort of timer, like the Wordpress comment editing plugin I have over at my Wordpress blog.

New name for the blog

Okay, not that exciting -- I just streamlined the blog title a little. On my tiny display it was overlapping the pretty typewriter picture. We can't have that.

Embedded video test

I wonders... can I embed a Youtube video?


Site upgraded

OK, I've upgraded to version 1.32. So far everything seems to be working fine. :rotfl:

Image test

This is a test of the image link capabilities:

Lucille Ball typing

Okay, just the basic image tag is added. You would have to know the url of what you are uploading -- there isn't any sort of program that you can use to upload images. That's okay for a basic text-only blog. :shrug:

Argh typing without a working index finger bites. :ohreally:

A new day

Okay, I've completely reinstalled Ubuntu on the laptop, switched to the KDE version (Kubuntu), and am back on Firefox, which seems to be working okay for now. Goals: to get Google Chrome for Linux working someday. Also to update the Bloo install -- they updated it recently. Sigh. Is computer work ever done? :shrug:

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