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Amber is the color of your energy

Mine, however, is sort of a pale gray-taupe. (The title is a phrase in the lame song that just came on the radio -- I have no idea who sings it*, having lost track sometime in the 90s of who sings what on rock radio.) Anyway, I'm limp as a bizkit (snerk) right now. The cold is reluctantly leaving my system, the worse of the symptoms being kept down by Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus, but I'm kind of tired and lacking in motivation. I have to go to bed relatively early because I have decided that tomorrow I must start job hunting seriously. Well actually my unemployment benefit schedule pretty much dictates that I am going to have to have some interviews, at least, under my belt this week. I don't really want to depend on the unemployment check, though; I'd rather have a real paycheck. I hope I'm not still horking up tons of gunk tomorrow -- that's kind of off-putting to employers, or so I would imagine.

*It was 311 (is that "spelled" right? who cares) -- the deejay actually announced it. Well I won't be running out and buying that cd.

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Don't worry, he's just chopping broccoli.


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