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I don't know why I'm not Supreme Dictator of the World yet. Probably because I'd end up killing all the idiots who put me in power, because their rank, pathetic stupidity would piss me off, and then I'd have to start all over again. Much better to simply show that even though I am no intellectual heavyweight I can at least be proud of the fact that I am a tad smarter than both the pinheaded conspirators behind the inept Rathergate memo farce and the anencephalic cue-balls who still believe in them. A couple of these paragons of devolution appeared in the comments to this post, which made fun of the fact that today's smart liberal doesn't know how to do simple research before he opens his yap. Lord knows rightwingers have their favorite quotes that they repeat ad nauseum (if I have to read that Orwell "rough men" passage one more time), but at least when someone corrects them if they got the author wrong they say "thanks, I didn't know that"; they don't start going off into tangents about how All you humans and your stupid, stupid minds! How dare you contradict me! Old debunked "revelation" about George Bush that no one who has a full-time day job even remembers, much less cares about anymore, etc.

Anyway, here is how I would have kept the press in a tizzy of happy accusation, the Bush administration looking more nonplussed than ever, and the rightwing blogosphere in a state of perpetual (well, more than usual) irritation from knowing something was wrong but being unable to prove it -- from my comment over at WILLisms:

...all the so-clever minds behind this stupid human trick had to do for the truth of the matter to remain forever in dispute would have been to pick up an old manual typewriter (which were still in widespread use in the early seventies -- the typing class I took in junior high used manuals) at a garage sale or a thrift shop and type the memo up on a piece of old paper using an old ribbon.

So easy a cavewoman could do it. But not the Big Brains at Evolved Progressive Humanoid Central.

Update: I check in later, and find this incisive, brilliant response to my comment:

MS Word was developed to produce documents that were identical to those produced by the IBM Selectric.

Right -- before MS Word came along the programmers and users of older wordprocessing software like WordStar and Wordperfect could only weep in jealousy at the beauty of documents produced using electric typewriters.

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